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Boards, axis, laces

Created for and exhibited by The Skate Room Brussels Edition, a charity project inviting artists to customize skateboards to raise money for projects to keep children off the streets, featuring 15 local artists among which Nel Aerts, Martin Belou, Michel Francois, Pieter Vermeersch, Sebastien Reuze and others.

The project returns the board its function as a medium to enable movement, using wheels to roll and feet to direct. A pattern of holes respecting the distance needed to mount the wheel axes pushes the board to the limits of its functionality where the wheel axes can now be placed on a new position. This new position, induced by the pattern of holes following two feet across six boards, pushes its user to new limits of gravity and alters the object to an absurdity. The choice to reduce rather than add material introduced the presence of the absence, allowing space for what memories are made off, underlined by an old wheel axis and a chain of wheels, suspended on a shoelace hanging next to the skateboards.

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