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PA12, résin, marble dust


Panoptes Collection

The "Spin" project is a series of enamelled polymer spinning tops. The title "s", is the first letter of the word "spin" and refers to the unit of entropy. Both terms allow us to connect the macroscopic level of the universe with the microscopic level of elementary particles. 


Indeed, spin represents not only a physical but also a quantum mechanical condition. Entropy is a term from thermodynamics, a branch of physics that deals with heat (from the ancient Greek "thermos") and force (from the ancient Greek "dunamis"), and their relationship to energy. For the Greeks, the universe was composed of indivisible particles. The ancient Greek word "atomos" means indivisible. Time taught us that atoms can be split into even smaller particles. It is the interaction between these particles that underlies the origin and functioning of our universe.

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